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Polyphemus' Revenge Video Game Song
Odyssey-Abandonment Classical Song
Those of Us Who Fight Video Game Song
Last Laugh of Dr. Laserface Video Game Song
I Got Your Additional Pylon... Video Game Song
Aristeia Video Game Song
Wander Not Into the Dark Night Video Game Song
Pyrokinesis-GB Techno Song
Dei Blauss Sowng Miscellaneous Song
Hitokiri Miscellaneous Song
Technosnake Techno Song

2007 Submissions

Road to the Forgotten Forest Classical Song
Ykrinraskrunmralll Classical Song
Pyrokinesis Techno Song
Evisceration Nation Goth Song
Soleus Reiu Classical Song
Fury and Breakdown Classical Song
In Shining Armor Classical Song
PreludetothePianist'sNightmare Classical Loop

2006 Submissions